About so called “Confessions” by Rael

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Claude Vorilhon Rael wrote himself this on his facebook account after the publication of Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr’s book on Monday, March 29, 2010

About so called “confessions”

Every human being seeks to have his few minutes of media fame. A few years ago claiming to be a childhood friend, Roland Chevaleyre, claimed to the delight of the media that I confessed that my encounter with the Elohim was a lie …. Before going further I want one again to say that my physical encounter with the Elohim … See Moreand their messages are the pure truth, and this I shall never cease to repeat it up to my last breath.
To return to this Roland Chevaleyre must understand that I have never been a childhood friend of Roland Chevaleyre for the simple reason that he is much older than me, and we have never even been in the same class or even in the same school. He once invited me at a local radio program that he was at one of my visits to my family Ambert, what I’ve agreed to talk to Messages and Elohim. But there has been much criticizing by friends and customers of his restaurant for my invitation. He therefore wished to publicly distance himself from me and to this end he chose the lie to pretend that I have never met the Elohim ….

This “revelation” of course opened the doors of French media who are always ready to sully our minority. I l have sued for defamation and have unfortunately not been successful, the French courts influenced by the anti minority government have of course said that it was his word against mine and without witnesses. In short no matter who can say No matter what No matter when, without being prosecuted.
Voila that another character, this time Canada, claims that I shall have “confessed” to not have met the Elohim, but still without evidence of course …. I have never confessed ….

The latter, a former senior Canadian Raelian Movement, took advantage of course to sell a book …. What is interesting to know is that he was excluded from the Canadian Movement because it diverted funds and used the Movement for the business personal computer equipment belonging to the Movement. Rejean Proulx our former Continental Guide can attest.
Out of compassion, after his exclusion …. have asked officials of the Canadian Movement not to prosecute for abuse of social goods.
The most funny in his “testimony” is that he claims that I shall have made such “confessions” 4 years before her exclusion from the Movement. So this one individual, from d learn that I were a liar, still has his post as head of the Movement thinking 4 years in order to continue to reap the benefits …. whether those confessions were true, it would say much about the morality of such an individual ….

Of course all these people want is their moment of glory in the media and selling a book. I wonder what will next LRE, because there will probably d others who invent such nonsense to speak of them without much effort …..
The truth is simple and I remember as I never cease to remind jsuqu was my last breath: yes I met him physically Elohim, so their message is that recline véridique.Ceux such defamation against the Messenger of Elohim moments live well difficult upon arrival …