Anja Schoenwald’s official Raelian Apostasy

Anja Schoenwald’s official Raelian Apostasy

Type: Ceremony
Network: Global
Date: Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Location: International Raelian Movement / Religion,

Description: I, Anja Schoenwald, herby officially apostatize (denounce myself) from the Raelian Movement / Religion.

After 11 years of being a Raelian, … it became apparent to me that Claude Vorilhon aka “Rael”… is “not” the son of Yahweh, the last Prophet, the Messiah, the Maitreya or the half-brother of Jesus.

I like to share my reasons … and most importantly a collection of links “shared with me” from various countries and lots of “unofficial” information about Rael (see below and on my Facebook page) , … to prevent people from potential harm.

According to many online links, articles and testimonials, … Rael has lied to many people worldwide and has taken advantage of them since 1973. Even though, I feel a strong agreement with most of the beautifully presented knowledge / teachings of the Raelian Movement / Religion, … I will not support Rael any longer, because of those to me apparent lies and abuse of his power and influence on people.

Plus, most of the information and teachings have been around from other Authors, Gurus, Teachers, etc. Much of it, I already knew for years, … but liked that the Raelian Movement / Religion combined in one organization.

People have been sharing links about Rael with each other, … but some faithful Raelians, don’t even want to l@@k at the evidence. I was told that Raelians who have found this information, … were successfully disconnected from the rest of the Raelians very quickly.

That to my knowledge was done … by ridiculing them … or announcing them sick … or that they could not afford to come to a seminar because of the economy … or that they were upset that Rael supposedly did not wanted to be intimate with them anymore because of older age … etc.
None of that applies to me and I never desired to be intimate with Rael in the first place !

I also have been told that there may be Raelians in higher ranks, who may be paid for their work for the non-profit organizations somehow related to Rael as the visionary / creator … or the Raelian Movement / Religion.
It would therefore not be very surprising, if they would be the ones to defend Rael and his claims the strongest.

I am sharing this information with approximately 2,000 people in various countries on this day of October 6, 2009. I encourage each and every one to research this information and to share it with others. It is up to the individual to utilize or disregard the information.

I am mainly thinking of those of Rael’s Angels, who committed themselves to sleep with “Rael” anytime he desires … or Rael’s Angels who sleep exclusively with Rael, until the Elohim (word for God / Gods) “supposedly” arrive. Furthermore, I am thinking of the people sacrificing their hard-earned money.

I did not feel comfortable to leave quietly as others have done, even though, no harm has been done to me or my son Alexander, other than wasted time.

It was brought to my attention that it took “years” in some cases, for these information to spill over from one country to another because of language barriers.

To “translate” any foreign text, you can download the FREE Google Toolbar and then the FREE Google translator. That way you can translate large amounts of text and whole WebPages by clicking on “translate” right from your Google Toolbar. It is quick and easy.

You can also go to “Google translate” and “copy and paste“ the text you want to translate into the translation box and follow the steps on the screen.

  1. Mark a text with your computer-mouse and or press “Control + A” for marking a whole text.
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To create his story and to support his claims, … Rael apparently utilized previously available information and teachings … and combined it with available historical information.

I highly recommend reading these two books by French author Jean Sendy, published approximately 3 + 4 years before Rael published a book. Jean Sendy had also given a lecture in Rael’s hometown Clermont-Ferrand in France before Rael published his first book. (See link below)

  1. “Those Gods Who Made Heaven & Earth” (published in 1969)
  2. “The Coming Of The Gods” (published in 1970)

Apparently to me, Rael has not been given his core-information by Yahweh (God / Gods), … but heavily utilized the information and many references from Jean Sendy’s two books.

This is an English translation, comparing Rael’s book with Jean Sandy’s and other authors earlier published books.

The horizontal “Menu-Buttons” for these links are strangely located between the middle and the bottom part of each page.

Accueil | Genesis | The Book | The Books | The Moon | The Moon 3 | Baba-cool | Symbol | Adamski | Embassy | Mysteries | Travel | Sex | Answer | Conclusions | Post-conclusions | Clones-conclusion | Interlude | Back to the Future

I recommend checking all of those other pages, since ALL the links have information and images about Rael’s history.

This link is a French article from 1974 about a lecture that Jean Sendy gave in Rael’s hometown Clermont-Ferrand in March 1974.
Rael wrote and published his first book (The Book Which Tells the Truth) later that year in 1974.

Original French link:

English translation of the Jean Sendy 1974 lecture-text. You may have to click on “translate” or “translating”, when it opens up. … start%3D10

Link about the Raelian symbol on the original book and how it changed later.
You may have to click on “translate” or “translating”, when it opens up. … 26rls%3Den

Here are links to purchase Jean Sendy’s books that were translated into English: … 931&sr=8-1 … 931&sr=8-2 … =t&x=0&y=0

Some long-term Raelians say, that Rael was influenced by the Silva Method of meditation (this meditation technique was taught since 1966):

Check out what Jose Silva says about the human brain at the 4-minute point in this video:

The people who say Rael was influenced by Jose Silva, … remember former Level 5 guide Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr, … who was in Montreal in the early days of the Raelian Movement and was very close to Rael for many years. … He supposedly was a Silva Method teacher before he met Rael. … Was it him instead of the Elohim, who brought these teachings to the Raelian Movement and helped Rael to develop what is called “Sensual Meditation”?

Here is his website (English translation). You may have to click on “translate” or “translating”, when it opens up. … 26rls%3Den

Below is a YouTube video, where Jean-Denis speaks in French about Rael. He is saying that Rael told him, that he never really met the Elohim. It was part of a documentary about the Raelian Movement, but only the first part is really important.

Osho spoke of Freedom, Sensuality, Jealousy, Love, Relationships, Femininity, and much more. Osho taught his concepts since the 1960’s ? Have these teachings influenced the Raelian Movement in some ways? Check out these videos (look at his clothing in the first one, and listen to what he says). In the second two videos, you will see that his seminars look very much like the Raelian seminars, but without UFO’s. It’s possible that most of the teachings about UFOs and Elohim came from Jean Sendy, and most of the philosophy came from Osho?

If you read the latest Contact # 360, Rael said some nice things about happiness and laughter.
Here are Osho’s words from many years before Rael’s teachings: … uotes1.htm

Below are some nice links about “Femininity” from Osho: … lities.htm

Here are a few more of Osho’s ideas on “Femininity”:

“Hitherto humanity has praised hardness very much, particularly in man. For centuries, man has been a male chauvinist pig! He has praised all that is aggressive, cruel, violent, warlike, and he has condemned all that is feminine.

Because of this a great problem has arisen. The problem is, all that is beautiful is feminine, and if you condemn the feminine, then the beautiful disappears from the world. We have struggled hard to destroy the beautiful. The ugly has dominated the beautiful; the hard has been praised against the soft.

Lao Tzu says, “Don’t be hard like a rock, but be soft like water.” He calls his way of life the water-course / way. And he says: “Ultimately the soft wins over the hard, the rock will disappear one day. Let the water go on falling on it and the rock will be reduced to sand. Of course, right now you cannot see it happening, it will take time, but the rock cannot destroy the water. For that one needs a little deeper insight – a longer vision, a bigger perspective. We are very short-sighted. We only see so far. Because of this short-sightedness the rock seems to be worth choosing, not water. Those who have seen reality in its true perspective of eternity, they say something totally different. Let softness be the gift.”

Wikipedia has articles about OSHO:

Most important, think twice where you spend your money or sleep with somebody you are not so sure you want to be sleeping with.

I am harmoniously contemplating about “Truth”.

Infinite love,


Post Script:

Here are further links and information:

Download the FREE e-book: “Rael, The Masonic Messiah” in English at:

It was written by the former Raelian Priest Guide (Level 4) and National Guide –> “Daniel Daninja”.

This FREE e-book, … compares and relates the still commonly secret teachings and philosophy of “Secret Societies” like the Masons … to those of the Raelian Movement.

How interesting “how much” they have in common !
I think too much … to qualify as coincidence !

The e-book includes many page numbers, references and pictures, which can be further researched and verified.

This compact e book is also loaded with commonly not known “core-information / secrets” about religious and political history, which I think may effect everybody on Earth, not only Raelians !!!

Former Raelian and Bishop Guide (Level 5) “Jean-Denis Saint Cyr” wrote the book:

“Confessions of Rael to his former right-hand”.

This book became available around November 2009, … so far only in French language. It is full of personal information, pictures, and Rael’s handwriting to Jean-Denis Saint Cyr.

Check –> Jean-Denis Saint Cyr’s webpage for reading-excerpts of his book and for new arriving testimonials –> in French and English.

Since Rael has lived with Jean-Denis Saint Cyr’s and several years later with Marie-Helene Parent over longer periods of time, … most Raelians … or the public, … don’t know of this side of Rael who appears so loving, understanding and charismatic in public.

Make sure to read Marie-Helene Parent testimonial on Jean-Denis Saint Cyr’s webpage.

Jean-Denis Saint Cyr’s website in French and English:

http://confessions.rael.jeandenissaintc … index.html