Raelian Angel Condo

Always same routine, devoted Raelians donate land and money to build something for Claude Vorilhon Rael, and… after few years Claude Vorilhon liquidates it and move to another place, and asks the same.

This place was in Valcourt Quebec Canada. Rael sold this and moved to Okinawa Japan and Japanese Raelians built another for him.

The place where female Raelian angel(s) are having sex with the self claimed prophet. They have to buy their own meal while staying, yet, fine French wine is free of charge when the prophet visits.
If she signed the pink angel contract but refuse to have sex with the prophet, the prophet will be very angry. Before enter the room, the instruction will be given to girl(s). Girl(s) have to shave pubic hair in a way the prophet like, and take shower and be ready.
A guide of angels says: “Be there and get ready (to have sex) at certain time! Don’t waste the prophet’s precious time on Earth!”

Angel condo outside view, Valcourt Quebec Canada