Testimony of Dominique Saint-Hilaire

Hi everyone !

I was an active Raelian for 13 years (from 1987 to 2000). I was a member of the International Raelian Movement and a Level 3 (guide assistant)

Rael’s message kind of opened my eyes as for the possibility of awakening myself and that’s definitely a good point. There was a small group of about 20 Raelians on the tiny Island of Guadeloupe where I used to live and with them I discovered a simple way to live my life differently and get more stable psychologically. Of course I attended all the seminars and nearly all the conventions.

Ever since 1996, when I settled back in France, I realised the structure of the movement was getting more and more stiff…. We had to proselytize and sell more and more books by knocking from door to door, standing motionless in the street holding the book, doing fake surveys etc. There was also the Rael Racing Team asking for more and more money so that this « self proclaimed » prophet could satisfy his desire to do car racing … a very expensive dream ! Then Dolly, the cloned sheep was born and Rael seized this opportunity to create a fake company in the Bahamas called Valiant Venture, Clonaid’s precursor. We all knew it was just a letterbox but they still asked for tremendous amount of money for a product (clones) which they obviously couldn’t come out with since there was not a real scientific staff.

This is when I started feeling uncomfortable and finally opened my eyes as well as my mind or should I say my heart ? I finally accepted to confront the Raelian dogma and the doubts generated by its contradictions. I also realised the existing gap between the words and the actions within the structure of the movement where under the cover of love and fraternity there is often much hypocrisy.

The Raelian genesis is merely a very superficial interpretation of the Bible starting with the explanation of who is the « true » god : Elohim = « those who came from the sky », therefore extra-terrestrials. The origin of life such as we know it on Earth ends up starting only 25,000 years ago for the most since this is supposed to be when Elohim discovered and terraformed our planet. The theory of the Ancien Astronauts which says that there had been an extra-terrestrial genetic intervention on planet Earth was already known when Rael wrote his first message …. That’s why he hasn’t invented anything ; you just have to read Jean Sendy, Erck von Däniken and many others… This theory is probably valid but Life on Earth can’t be 25,000 years old only although Rael says the datation techniques are wrong for most of them, the mistakes can’t be of thousands or even millions of years.

Another point that made me seriously doubt about the truth of the Raelian message is that never Rael or the Elohim have revealed anything about any other extra-terrestrials in the Universe. On the the contrary they assure us with humility they are the most advanced in this part of the Universe and if whenever we had a visit it would be their other créations to whom we should reveal their origins in the « Book that tells the Truth » ! Let’s face it, it’s just a matter of seriously studying the messages of the Pleiadians, Sirians, those who come from Orion, the Masters, the Awakened etc, etc to realise Raël only has a message among so hundreds of others and that his scientific inconsistencies relegate him to the last rows … This is probably the reason why there are so few new baptised every year (an average of 800) and that the number of Raelians involved in the structure has stagnated for years between 1,800 and 2,500 worldwide.

Raël’s teachings are based on different techniques of self-development and the responsible for the planetary Teachings is Daniel Chabot a Canadian psychologist. Their teach us how to deal with our émotions and give us some tips about relaxation and visualisation assembled under the seductive label of « sensual meditation ». These teachings are certainly useful to reach a better psychological state of being but they don’t make Raël the last prophet, the Buddha of the West, the Maitreya, the One who is supposed to lead Humankind into the golden Age !

The Raelian philosophy is very materialistic in the sense that it states science can explain everything. This is not completely false but I am convinced that there is more than this three/four dimensional world in which we are living. I have heard Raël declare on CNN he was there « to destroy all supernatural ideas » which means he wants to confine us to this material and materialistic dimension. While being busy having fun through our five senses, we remain convinced that we are « awakening ourselves » merely because we are living in the illusion of sensual bliss.

Sensuality can’t be the only key to awakening although I am firlmy convinced that an harmonious environment is crucial in this quest but the discovering of our true self can’t depend on our sensual experimention of Life only ! And this is one of the greatest limitations of Raelism !

Now this famous tale about cloning being eternal life. Raël explains that cloning such as we know it sofar is only the first step towards eternal life. The second one would be the speeding of the clone’s growth and the third one would simply be the downloading of the « memory » of the individual to be cloned into the clone. I must admit I have a problem with that because if these three steps were possible, then the two individuals would have the same « memory » and the same « soul » (since they would have the same DNA) and each of them would start a different existence … the same « soul » within two distinct bodies ! This is strange because this is not the way I imagine eternal life….

Dominique Saint-Hilaire (2004)