Testimony of Marie-Hélène Parent

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Testimony of Marie-Hélène Parent, ex-guide raelian priest (Realian during 25 years)

In 1978, I read Claude Vorilhon’s book “The book which tells the truth”. I lived all alone with this “truth…” which hunted me every day until 1981, because there was in these revelations some points that touched me a lot. In April 1981, I finally meet for the first time the Raelians. I loved those people a lot, they were marvelous and they still are.

They convinced me to go to the awakening seminar in July of that same year. It is at this time that the adventure really began; I would rather say the misadventures which, with the 25 years that followed, would reveal to me the true personality of this being which pretend to be prophet, but is in every way the contrary of what a prophet should be.

My actual experiences near him will unveil to me, as you will see, an individual who lies, who lacks a lot of love and respect for others. He is jealous, possessive, selfish, condescending and vindictive at a highest level, moreover manipulator, cheap, profiteer and racist. Here we go, I am finally able to reveal the faults of this individual that pretends to be prophet. So many faults in only one man! His status of prophet gives him respectability that he doesn’t deserve. He has the right to be like this, but not when you are in a situation of power over so many people, because it creates so much suffering. Since we give him so much value, everything he does is respected and taken for cash and we let him hurt us without reacting, except to justify his unkindness and his incoherencies. In the following, I will explain few situations and revelations that I witnessed and which will show you all the ignoble sides of this man.

At my first seminar, I was a beautiful and young little newcomer. So, Claude Rael got hold of me without any remorse to take me away to one of his disciples, Réal. During this seminar, in our intimate moments, I would never have an orgasm with him. Then, during his lecture of the following day, he declared to the 200 or 300 people in the assistance: «It is an act of love from a woman to “fake” the orgasm”. What an awakening for women!!! Instead to help a woman to live well her sexuality, he puts things in her head which will serve very well his selfishness in his relations. He thinks only to his own pleasure. The woman has to give herself her own pleasure and if she doesn’t reach it, she has to fake it for the pleasure of Mister which expects her to give him his.

In the same way, few years later, when I was in Los Angeles with him, we were sleeping in the same room but in different beds and then he look at me and say: “I just want to penetrate you, not to kiss you, nothing else.” Deeply inside me, I wanted to say no to him because I felt like a piece of meat. But, who could say no to the «prophet»? This hold on me was the same abandonment than a woman has to do when she is taken by force physically. I will always remember the bad feeling which invaded me after the few minutes that has last , there… laying all alone… and regarding the ceiling… I felt violated and less than nothing… I testify of these facts… not for anyone to revolt against this supposed messenger of the Elohim, because what is done is done, but to demonstrate that this man doesn’t deserve the consideration of his fellow-men. We have to talk about it. To shut up is like to encourage him to continue his sly and despicable behaviors toward women and toward society. My wish is not that everyone falls on him: no, I am not a violent person and I don’t have a vengeful mind. I simply wish, and this is very positive from my part, that everyone discovers him and observes him like he is behind his false smiles, his fair words, his manipulative looks and his tricky and superficial fronts.

He was often hurtful. But we don’t have to do like him. For example, to tell me that I had the body of a man was everything I needed to develop my self-confidence! Also, another incident, I was taking singing lesson and I love that so much. One night during a friend’s gathering at Martine, he wanted me to sing, but I didn’t want since I was not ready for that. He insisted so much that I felt obliged to tell yes to the Prophet. I couldn’t say no to him, it was always the same story. After my song, he came to see me and say: “You shouldn’t sing unless you do it to make people laugh.” His thoughts were not full of love, believe me. I stopped singing completely since.

I began to know him more deeply, when he started to live in the intimacy of my place in Florida, in 1996, during many months each year. He made me walk on eggs in telling me and looking at me straight into my eyes: “You know I am very vindictive.” His unkindness would continue. One day, when Mark Hunt and his wife, those who wanted to have their deceased baby Andrew cloned by Clonaid, came to meet him at my place, Mr. Hunt asked me if I was his wife and so a ballet dancer…so, Claude Rael starts to laugh so hard and says: “No, she is not my wife, she has not the body of a dancer!”

At night, I meet him sometimes in the hallway, because I was not sleeping very well. We wonder why? He suffered of insomnia too. What were his own excuses??? Something was tormenting him??? He drank few beers and went back to bed.

Another time, I organize a dinner at my place and he asks me who were invited. I told him who and when I named Paula, who always had a weight problem, he answered me: “No not Paula…!” What a lack of love and recognition for a woman who have dedicated her whole life for him. What would have cost him to give a bit of love to this woman who was so generous? He surrounds himself only with those which bring him direct pleasure. This is another proof that his story is a lie. If it was true, he would valorize and give some of his precious time to his disciples who help him the most in his so-called «mission» and not only to the young women who bring him his candies. He gives attention only if we give him big money or if we are young and beautiful. That time, I didn’t listen his remarks and I invited Paula to join us.

After a few years of him coming to live at my place in Miami for 5 months at a time, I couldn’t have him living constantly near me anymore. I knew his very vindictive side (he threatened me so much with that). So, instead to tell him that he couldn’t stay in my place anymore, I sold my house which I regret until this day and I went to live to New-York where I knew he wouldn’t come. But even with this good excuse that I had not to receive him anymore in my beautiful house in Miami, he held a grouch against me, it was like I didn’t exist anymore… all of a sudden.

He knows well the art of creating guilt and manipulation of people.

Another specialty of him is to always exaggerate the reality. He lied and made us lie by saying that the number of members was at least 10 times more than it was in reality. It was the same thing for the numbers of persons in the conferences and so on.

Also, he adores gambling in Las Vegas casinos and on the Amerindian reserve in Florida. He doesn’t want his members to know, naturally, because he speaks against gambling in his messages.

Always in 2000, he tells me that he thought that the black people had no refinement and that he didn’t like their bad body odor. In 2009 I read in Jean-Denis St-Cyr’s book that he told him the same thing around 1980-85. Claude Vorilhon had nothing nice to say about them, if that is not racism, what is! I think that he didn’t smell himself; he had a very low hygiene. One day, even the seamstress didn’t want to sew a sticker on his racing suit because it stunk so much.

You know, when you eat with someone at every meal, there are things that are said and Rael couldn’t play a game constantly, I could see who he was really. It is easy to play a game in front of his disciples who see him only on stage where it is easy to play the cool prophet.

One night during dinner, after he took few glasses of wine, he tells me that he knew well Jean Sendy, that he was a friend and had drinks together in Clermont-Ferrand. I suggest you read Sendy’s books and you will see the plagiarism that Vorilhon allowed himself to do in his pretended friend’s books.

In year 2000, Claude Rael, Sophie (his young spouse) and I were having lunch outside my house, it was paradisiacal! It gave me the desire to talk philosophy with my «prophet» who, normally, avoids always the subjects of this nature, which was a little strange considering his function. So, I told him something philosophical, I don’t remember what, but I remember very well what he revealed to me. I was astonished to hear him announce me that he didn’t want to go on the Elohim’s planet, because he would be nothing on that planet with them. He revealed to me that he wanted his own planet where he would be another Yahweh in a way. I don’t need to tell you that the hair on my arms raised straight up and that I saw for the first time an insane craziness in him. It is no wonder that he likes to play all the time the video game, Civilization. He is getting ready to build a civilization on his own planet!!! He was not laughing, he was very serious. Maybe the planet he was talking about was ours… and that he wants with others high ranks in the Illuminati, free-masons, and other secret societies create on our planet the “New world order». That would be the end of paradise on earth for the majority that he compares to toads which have no usefulness therefore bring nothing important in this society and that includes the Raelians too!!! See the site http://www.realrael.org where you can download the free e-book which endorses this hypothesis. After this event, I looked at him with a different perspective and I starting to see often that his look was one of an unbalanced person, filled of the desire of power and control.

And in 2002, the announcement of the cloned baby is made. He was still living at my place in Florida since I was back from New-York, and then… he came down from his room, with a towering rage. «It’s Marcus!» (Marcus was responsible of the internet site) It crashed, since the numerous hits after he announced the scoop of the first cloned baby on TV. And Vorilhon starts to talk about his members like rotten fishes. “I am surrounded by a gang of stupid!” Etc. Etc. The word stupid has always been his favorite. I heard him say it many times a day. He made interviews with the journalists which he called them stupid behind their backs.

Then, he sat at the table and calm himself down a little bit. And, suddenly, he announces me that as lawyer named Bernard Seigel wanted to take the baby Eve away from her parents, because he said it was child abuse. Since I had big doubts concerning this presumed cloned baby, I told Claude Rael that it was super and that this lawyer arrived at a good time, because if the cloned baby doesn’t exist, it would give us the best excuse possible not to be obliged to show the baby to the whole world like it was announced at the press conference. I don’t know why I confronted him like that at that moment, but I did it and I don’t regret it, because his answer was a revelation. He answered me with a complacent smile and looking a bit on the side and toward the floor, astonished and proud as if he was happy that someone recognize his good shot and said: “You understood everything!!!”. I would love to know who hired this lawyer to bring a controversy that arrived at such a good time to save them, Brigitte and him, from their lie, a coincidence?

Mr. Seigel said that he was doing this on his own authority. But how can it be proved? I went to the Fort Lauderdale Court with Claire and Genevieve, because the files are opened to the public to know if someone hired him, but we couldn’t learn anything, because it was under the minors justice and the minor’s files are not opened to the public. We have to do the necessary actions to have those files opened. Maybe… we could find something very interesting.

And as Jean-Denis mentions in his book, if someone would like to do a DNA test to Vorilhon’s real father Marcel whom died to compare it with his, we would have may be a surprise? I saw a picture of this Marcel that Claude keep in his wallet and when he showed it to me, I remember that my reaction inside was that I found strange that they look alike, because he shouldn’t have any resemblance with this man since his real father is supposed to be Yahweh!!!

And finally, just before my departure in 2005, Shizoé, who is one of his assistants, was staying at my place in Florida for few weeks. She confidentially confessed to me that Rael mandated her to find him a new wife aged not more than 15 years old, because Sophie began to be too old. She was only 27 or 28 years old. I was completely shocked.

Claude Rael keeps his disciples very busy so they don’t have too much time to think. I challenge all raelians to take a little bit of sabbatical time, few months for them. They will see things more clearly. We have to take a certain time to recuperate our mind. Rael is against sabbatical time, he mentions it often, because he knows for sure that it is dangerous that his members take time to reflect. They could see him for what he is finally and this way to deliver themselves from his yoke.

I advise you: take the time to think about everything you heard from him, to look at him act and react. As an example, remember the lack of respect he had during the seminar with his car that he was driving at full spin on the camping ground. He was making a cloud of dust that the members who were having a nice dinner had to breath, and don’t forget the danger to hurt someone, but he thinks only about himself. Censure nothing and above all, don’t justify him and don’t think that it is because that you lack of consciousness that you have those thoughts. I assure you that it is very liberating although it is very painful to become aware of all this. Don’t forget that Rael took himself a sabbatical year in 1984-85, supposedly a «spiritual retreat».

Vorilhon has such a grasp on his disciples with his charisma that we always find a justification for his great lack of love and everything else. He doesn’t need to excuse himself, we do it for him, he doesn’t need to find proof in order that his lies become the truth, his members do.

Look at the video when he announced during a seminar that Réal Thériault was recreated, look how he was lying, it was obvious! Have it analyzed by an expert of the body language, you will see! I could continue a lot more about many experiences in the raelian movement, 25 years of a 100 % of implication, it is long. In order to do this, I would have to write a book, but for now it is not in my immediate projects.

When I speak of all this, it is not with vengeful mind or to hurt the raelians, nor to put anyone against Claude Rael; on the contrary. I did my mourning of all this and I even forgave him, because it is the only way to liberate myself from him and his grasp. To still hold a grouch against him would be to give him too much importance. I wrote this testimony to help to deliver those who would like to do it, but don’t dare to do it. I am telling you that it is not easy; I went through a very hard time after my departure, because I was programmed viscerally with this “lying truth”. The pain felt is proportional to how deep you invest yourself. The more we are invested emotionally on a long term, the more it is difficult. It is a mourning which is very long to heal. It is like if I would detoxify myself from a drug like heroin. I invite you just to recover a little bit of doubt inside of you, a sane doubt, intelligent, in order not to let yourself to be manipulated and lose your life.

I know… that when we are inside the group, we think that there is nothing else worth living, but it is not true. Life is beautiful and it is fantastic to be able to think by ourselves again. Hundreds and hundreds of ex-raelians can confirm it to you. Outside the Movement, it is like to get out of a deep sleep; it is marvelous, it is to find yourself back again. There is an advantage to be raelian, you don’t have to make an effort anymore to have an opinion on things, Rael does it for you and there it is! It brings a mental laziness which contributes to anchylose the mind.

There are Raelians that say that even if it was not true, they will continue to be raelians because it is a beautiful philosophy. It is terrible! There are plenty of beautiful philosophies which are not based on a lie and in which we can flourish and where a Gourou won’t take control of our life and won’t make us loose all of our friends in a snap of his fingers. Ahhh… but the carot is big! The promise of eternal life! A raelian called me when I left to tell me how much she was sad in the movement but that she couldn’t decide to leave, because she was scare not to have the eternal life. I was very sad for her. She knew intuitionally that all that was not positive but her fear of not live eternally was like a choker which imprisoned her in this error.

My departure was well thought and based only on Rael’s personality and his actions. It was not the lecture of the numerous books of Sendy, Zacharia Sitchin, Brinsley Le Poer and Osho.com for the spirituality which make me decide but those readings after I left confirm me now that I took the good decision and that I am not in a lie anymore.

I continue to love you even if you don’t talk to me anymore since 5 years following an order from your chief. You will be my friends for life, in my heart.

Marie-Hélène Parent, ex-guide raelian priest and proud of it!