A message from ex-employee of Claude Vorilhon Rael

(This e-mail was sent to a French guy who investigated Rael thoroughly and put entire Autopop magazines on his website www.rael.free.fr)

Autopop #24, July, August 1973

Subject: Memories, memories…
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 13:13:35 +0100 (Paris, Madrid)
From: “Dan63” <******@free.fr>

Well, it made me feel funny to see these titles… I had even forgotten the typo used ;o) Thank you for the regeneration of this… what a distant memory ;o)
In general, you sacred a lot of work with this site… Congratulations on all that.

And especially since I personally knew Claude Vorilhon when he was involved in this car review magazine.

With one of my co-workers, we worked for him under contract of photography and layout.

And the last memory I have with him, he was in one side of the office and my friend and I in the other side with a pickaxe handle in our hands trying to make him pay us the sum that he owed us ;o) We were three same concerned over these little miseries.

So, the point is no need to tell you that the personage, is not about to make me believe anything or impress me with his hallucinated revelations…