E-mail from Brigitte Boisselier to all Raelian structure members (2011)

Dear Raelian brothers and sisters.

As you certainly know, following the radiation level increase in Northern Japan, Maitreya has temporarily moved from His residence near Narita in Japan to the island of Okinawa that is much safer.

Considering the continuing increase of radiation levels in the region of Tokyo, we believe that it isn’t safe for Maitreya and the Raelians to live there and that Maitreya shouldn’t go back to Maitreya’s gardens near Narita anytime soon.

In 2006, a new order was created within the Raelian Movement which is called the ‘Light Templar Order’. This order that I lead is made of Raelians who wish to contribute to Maitreya’s comfort, making sure He always has a house where He can stay wherever He needs to be for His mission.

The reason of this email is to call for your help so that Maitreya can have a new residence in a safe place as soon as possible as the few Templars that we are cannot face the full cost of the relocation fast enough.

We are planning to buy a house for Him in Okinawa where he can be with as many Japanese Raelians as possible and a land around where we can build houses for the Japanese Raelians so that they are not exposed to the terrible radiations anymore. It is a huge project that we cannot do successfully alone.

Maitreya has agreed that I call for your help as it is an exceptional situation.

If you can and want to contribute with a monetary donation for this unique project, you can make a wire transfer to the bank account number given below.

As you may know, Maitreya has never asked for us to contribute to anything but the Movement’s funds to build the Embassy. He has never asked us to find Him a home and has spent most of His life with His suitcase going from one home to the next.

We, the Templars, believe that He deserves a home and if you want to become a Templar by giving even a small contribution, we will be very grateful for your help. You can be assured that the money that you will give, will be used very cautiously. A non-profit organization named ‘Okinawa’ has been created that will manage the whole project. The Templars will receive every 6 months a financial report so that they know how their money has been used.

Thanks for your help!

With Love

Brigitte Boisselier
Head of the Templar Order

Bank Information:
Account holder: Okinawa, 6120 W Tropicana Ave #16-200, Las Vegas NV 89103, USA
Bank: Wells Fargo, 4016 S. Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas NV 89103, USA
Account number: 9855645629

The paypal account for it is: okinawa@rael.org


– Rael had Japanese Raelians build his beautiful home and meditation center near Narita, Japan. He spoke about the importance of this center for all of humanity. Suddenly the earthquake, tsunami, and radiation problem happened, and Rael abandoned his Japanese home! If “Maitreya Rael” had any connection to the Elohim, why didn’t they warn him in advance instead of allowing so much precious time and money to be wasted?

– In the 1990’s Raelians donated money and time to build the Raelian center called “Le Jardin du Prophete” (The Garden of the Prophet) and UFO Land in Canada, and Raelians were encouraged to buy condos there so they could live close to the “Prophet.” Many Raelians spent 25,000 US dollars to own a condo there just so they could be close to Rael! A lot of work went into that place, but Rael still abandoned it and left Canada after losing a lawsuit. Then he lived in a million dollar home in Las Vegas before he left the US. Now he has abandoned his beautiful home in Japan! What a huge waste of money, time, and energy. And now they ask us to donate AGAIN? How long will this place last before Rael decides to leave?

– Raelian Guides who have hosted Rael in their homes said that he loves to gamble in casinos. I wonder what happened to all the money they collected for the “embassy” over the years? Will this money ever be used? Does Rael still have it? Why are they collecting money for Clitoraid instead of for the embassy? And now they are collecting for Rael’s new home when we still haven’t built the EMBASSY!!! What about Rael’s mission? Will the embassy ever be built?

– Should the true concern of Raelians be the future of humanity, building the embassy, and welcoming the Elohim? Or, should they devote their money, time and energy to the comfort of “Maitreya Rael”? His life has been very comfortable for many years at the expense of many generous and dedicated Raelians! He lives in million dollar homes, eats gourmet food, travels first class, and stays in 4-star hotels, but we should give him more money?

– Rael left Canada and has not returned. He was there for years with many followers, but they learned about his lies and many left the Raelian Movement. He lost a lawsuit in Canada and then went to the US and lived in a million dollar home in Las Vegas. He told the US Raelians that the US was the home of the true Raelian Movement! He said that Canada was only the placenta, and the US was the baby just being born! Then the US Raelians discovered the truth and started leaving the Raelian Movement, so Rael moved to Japan. Where will he go when the Japanese Raelians discover the truth about him and his lies? Maybe China?

– The Japanese Raelians are the BEST. They are humble and dedicated. They are beautiful and sincere people. How long will “Rael” take advantage of their kindness and dedication?