E-mail sent to all Raelians in Oceania by Jarel

From: Oceania Raelian Movement <announcements@rael.org>
Subject: URGENT Important message from Jarel Continental Guide for Oceania
Received: Friday, 3 December, 2010, 10:24 AM

To all Raelians in Oceania,

You may have received an email form Mark Woodgate the National Guide of New Zealand announcing his resignation from the movement.
Mark went to length explaining what motivated him and sent his email to the whole database in Oceania trying to bring some confusion amongst the Raelians in a deliberate attempt to harm us.

I think it was a good exercise for some to test the depth of their commitment with the Movement and their support to the Maitreya RAEL. I’d like to add some clarity to the confusion some of you may still have. I don’t want to waste too much time in replying to Mark’s argumentation point by point, it would be too long. I will just speak about the main points. If you see some specific points you’d like to be addressed, please contact me or a Guide and we will be happy to answer your questions.

First the accusation of plagiarism from the book of Jean Sendy. Mark wrote the following:
“I should point out that during the course of my investigation I quickly realized that almost no one in the movement (including guides) have ever actually read Sendy’s books from start to finish. I would even go as far to say that Rael is counting on this fact ? ie: that most Raelians will be just as lazy.”

A pity Mark didn’t include me in his investigation as he would have been pleased to learn that many other Raelians, Raelian Guides including myself I know have read Sendy’s books. He was for me a hero and it was pretty much a recommended reading at the time between the early Raelians. We were excited that someone like Sendy understood that the Elohim were coming from space and many quotes from the bible started to make sense. They created us in their image scientifically was a logical conclusion he made and I was very impressed that he found it by himself through his own research. The book of Sendy preceded the messages but he was not the only one. Von Daniken, Le Poer Trech are the names I remember. The main concepts of the messages were already there thanks to the insight of those researchers, as if they were there to prepare the field for the messages. For me the similarities with Sendy’s books were part of the many supporting evidence for the messages.

Reading Sendy’s books I never thought of RAEL plagiarising. I thought of them like many Raelians at the time as validating the messages. The messages go much further in far more details and bring another spiritual and scientific dimension that far outweigh any other books I ever read. Von Daniken, Jean Sendy and others were not hidden materials but very much in the open and regarded as supporting evidence and not plagiarism. Funny how we can turn things around sometimes and have a completely different perception according to a point of view we choose to have initially. Funny that plagiarism was never something that came up until relatively recently when people started to attack us aggressively.

Mark also states the Maitreya RAEL is plagiarising Osho. Well, he is also plagiarising Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed and many other prophets because the universal truth has been around since a long time. When I read the comments RAEL makes regarding what is happening to our world today there cannot be any reference possible to Osho. RAEL has his own insight and a wisdom he cannot have plagiarised from anyone.

When the Maitreya RAEL says “I love you, the Elohim love you” I think of love. Others will see RAEL as being manipulative, trying to seduce the gullible for a dark purpose. When I see the Maitreya RAEL being inspiring and clever, Mark now with is tainted perception see him as cunning and a master at indoctrinating.

Indoctrinated we are for sure. All of us, all the time. We can’t escape it.
The media, our friends, the people we meet, the books we read, everything influences us. Our minds are shaped by the information we receive. I can say I am indoctrinated by RAEL as much as Mark is indoctrinated by the anti-Raelian Jean Denis Saint Cyr in whom he has now put his trust. RAEL said many times over that he is telling the truth and has told Jean Deny Saint Cyr once that he was lying about his encounter. Well we must put this information in the right context if we want to understand. RAEL told Jean Denis Saint Cyr at the time of his deep depression in 1984 when being confronted with so many obstacles he wanted to renounce his mission as a prophet. He cut his hair and disappeared from the movement for a few months wanting to give it all up. I can easily understand why he could have told Jean Denis he never had an encounter. He wanted to be Claude Vorilhon again and not RAEL. A bit like the prophet Jonas who also didn’t want to do what Yahweh asked him to.

Another explanation could be to test Jean Denis Saint Cyr of his fidelity to the messages as he could have been looking for a possible replacement. My point is that we don’t have all the information to make a proper opinion. Mark doesn’t know Rael’s side of the story, what he meant and why, RAEL should be the first one Mark should have turned too in his investigation or one of Rael’s assistants. RAEL could in his depression have purposely lied to escape his mission. What I know is when RAEL was back and out of depression he has repeated again and again he was telling the truth. So what to believe? I guess it depends very much of what you want to believe…

I doubt anyone who has been in contact with RAEL and his philosophy will ever doubt that he has a great insight and wisdom, even Mark acknowledges it. As for Jean Denis Saint Cyr, he has been expelled from the movement by the council of the wise because as far as I remember he was abusing his position as a Guide. So Jean Denis Saint Cyr didn’t leave the movement because RAEL told him he lied. He was expelled. I remember RAEL saying to the council of the wise to use clemency towards Jean Denis in regard to his great contribution to the movement.
So on one side you have the Maitreya RAEL with all the wisdom and the insight we know him and Jean Denis Saint Cyr, an ex Raelian who has been expelled from the structure for having taken advantage of some of us. Where do you place your trust? Whom do you wish to be indoctrinated by? It is important to think twice about it. We cannot avoid being indoctrinated but we can choose by whom we want to be indoctrinated and therefore direct our mind in the direction we want. Who will you listen to? Who will you let imprint your mind so as to take you to a higher level of consciousness and wisdom? RAEL who spreads love and brings light or a frustrated Jean Denis Saint Cyr ex failed con Raelian? The wisdom of Jean Denis is minuscule compared to Rael’s. Why would someone like Mark put his trust in him? For me this is stupid. If you choose to listen to Jean Denis you will shape your mind with bullshit or hatred towards RAEL and Raelians and you end up thinking bullshit and leaving the movement.

If you listen to the Maitreya RAEL, you will program your mind with the love and the wisdom that will bring you to a higher level of happiness and consciousness.

If you still have doubts just read the messages again and the book Maitreya.
You will see that the wisdom it contains can only be good for you and for humanity. You’ll end up with feeling more love and happiness. If you read Jean Denis Saint Cyr you will end up with less love and more hatred towards RAEL and the Raelians, and you may end up like Mark. So preserve yourself from any negative influence and especially from the frustrated ex raelians that will bring you further away from love and wisdom. I recommend to avoid all contact as negativity is contagious… In regards to cloning as far as I am aware it is not a hoax and I am well informed. I would love to speak about all the supporting evidence regarding why RAEL is the true Messiah, the Maitreya. If I had more time and if I thought you needed it I would add it here. But I trust you have done your own research and you can always talk with the Guide of your area who will be delighted to share his own discovery of the truth of the messages.

Beware not to be too easily disillusioned. It is very easy to distort the truth to fit one’s end.
Ask yourself: does it come from a place of love or hatred? That should filter a lot of bullshit.

Time to do your homework. Wash your brain in the beautiful bath of the messages and clean all the dirt that could have penetrated.
It is the secret to keep a beautiful mind.

Continental Guide for Oceania