Sept 2022

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So many people are visiting from Russia, anyone knows why?


A while ago, Claude Vorilhon’s DNA sample has been sent from Japan to Europe to analyze with his father side.

News from South Korea: South Korean ex-Raelian team has analyzed Claude Vorilhon’s DNA sample few years ago, due to his carelessness many ex-Raelians, especially women have his sample. Without comparing his father side gene; however, the result shows that his gene is nothing special but just a normal European guy.

Remember this cell fusion device RMX 2010 developed by South Korean firm BioFusion Tech? The president of BioFusion Tech, James Lee – former Raelian guide level 4, and other hundreds of Korean ex-Raelians are now suing Claude Vorilhon Rael and International Raelian Movement for fraud, illegal money transfer and many other charges.

It’s year 2015! Claude Vorilhon Rael said at Japanese seminar early 2000 that in 2015 money will disappear. (first he said 2025, but he changed the year to 2015) Claude Vorilhon Rael is still very happy to see rich newcomers at the seminars and collecting “cash” himself every year at Japanese seminar at lunch time.

What’s going on these days? According to high level guide in Europe “G” who left IRM in 2009 “silently,” all the Raelian fund is managed by Claude Vorilhon Rael himself in his personal Swiss bank account, there is no separate embassy fund account. It’s been a decade since Clonaid hoax, since 2010 those Raelians who involved in Clonaid stopped reporting to its investors; even they don’t answer e-mails, avoid calls, eliminate from facebook friends.