Reply to Jarel from Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr

Response (Jan. 2011)

Jarel, Guide responsible for Oceania, accused me of hate towards Rael even without having read (this is serious) my book… my book that reports only what I have lived with Rael. To react thus, this guide must have been really shaken in his belief in Rael by the comments that I enunciate, without hate or negative action towards Rael or towards the Raelians. Reporting facts and real-life experience is not hate-filled or negative.

This guide judges me because he really is disappointed to have learned what Rael revealed to me. But instead of taking it out on this truth he takes it out on me. He judges me in order to avoid admitting the confessions that Rael unveiled to me.

This guide also goes after Mark Woodgate because this Mark had the courage and the honesty to reveal objectively his analyses and his real-life experience through (from) the new data that his new knowledge brought him.

This guide wants to influence everyone close to him and his members, for he wants to be the only one to influence. Why others besides him would not have the right to make their discoveries known?

He repeats that I was expelled, while all the proofs exist to show the opposite. It is necessary to be really dishonest (or disloyal) to allege such slanders, or then, he voluntarily desires to misinform his members to put them to sleep in his own way… and thus to avoid them from thinking on their own. He wants to do their thinking. But, scandal mongering, unfounded words, always end-up in the open. This guide seems to have an interest in developing a dependency to Rael, more precisely to Claude Vorilhon.

Judging by the reaction of this guide who wants to control the information, we have to believe that the members of the Movement do not like those who do research which leads to open their eyes to new knowledge from others.

Let’s go, let’s go, search, search!
Let’s go, let’s go, search, search! Raelians, stop pretending that Rael tells you the truth and that in this way you possess the truth! For, how can you pretend to possess the truth when you shut yourself to the commentaries of others, and by doing so you avoid seeing the other side of the coin.

You should thank Mark Woodgate, Sage Ali, Wonjune Lee, Anja, Jean Francois Lecocq, Claire Labrie, Roland Dussault, etc. for the commentaries and research that they carried out. They take it out on Rael? Not at all! They expose the truth to open up the eyes and to bring awareness for those who are ready to come out of the darkness. There is no hate, no negative matter to distill the truth!

Voluntary blindness
Why would Rael have wanted to subject me to a test? Why me only? Why go for a haircut before arriving at my place in Montreal? why hide from everyone? and wear for months, in the middle of the summer, a woolen cap? What a test!!! And why nominate me bishop guide a few days only after making his confessions?

It is easy not to believe what actually happened at my place. It is easy to blind yourself voluntarily with reasons that do not exist. Besides this is where the whole problem arises. Why would Rael have wanted to subject me to an absurd test and to no one else? Why did he not come forward, honestly? And why did he never talk to me about it?

Those who do not want to face reality will always find excuses and imaginary reasons to voluntarily blind themselves. It becomes mystical “comprehensions.”

And if I did not unveil immediately the imposture of Rael, in 1984, it is that I knew in advance that my testimony would not be enough. Suddenly I would have been seen as anti-raelian, they would have screamed scandal and would have stoned me insane words so much that they (the Raelians) would not have wanted to know anything about the drama that happened at my place, in my house when he revealed me never to have had contacts with the extraterrestrials. Then, instead of opposing myself to the opponent, it is in my nature to try to understand him and not to try to confront him and try to convince him. And that, Rael surely had discerned it in me. He thought that I would never dare to unveil his secret confidences… especially that at the time I still believed in HIS Elohim!

No matter what religious beliefs
So, no matter what faith or religious belief, it is important to remember that it happens often that reality changes according to our new values and our new knowledge. For example, the fact of exposing and learning from the lies that one was formerly unaware of can demand of a person to adapt to a new reality. Myself, believing in the messages of Yahweh (through Rael), I had to adapt myself to the distressing confidences that my friend Claude Vorilhon had unveiled to me.

The more supple we are, the more we accept intelligently the new elements that make-up the basis of our reasoning. But, I had difficulty, I admit, to admit… to separate the friendship that linked me to Claude Vorilhon, the false prophet that he became after the revelations that he gave me. For, while unveiling to the Raelians his confessions, I had the impression to betray the man, the friend and the “prophet” that I had believed he was. So, the new truth (after his confessions to never have met E-T’s), inevitably changed everything. But, when Raelians are not able to accept the truth, nothing can be done. They invent all kinds of reasons. They say, for example, that it was to indulge me into a test. Etc. In reality, they especially try to protect their “prophet.”

On the other hand, I had gotten used to shed this false message that Rael had invented. Then, for a long time, it was as if I did not have the choice to embark on his lie. It was alarming, my belief depended on Rael, and now I learned that it was false. How could I explain? My heart was with the man and my reasoning with my promises to help him to shed his message… but his message having become a lie, so be it, the man, the friend, the “prophet”, no longer was a friend, but an impostor who had known how to manipulate in order to organize the mystical and lucrative imposture that allowed him to live at the expense of his followers fooled by his fine words. And he continues!

“Truth”: the pretentious
To speak figuratively, this is as if I had to separate the soul from the body. Nevertheless, I know very well the two comprise only one. One does not live separated from the other. It was painful to accept to continue with him (Rael) as before, and it was painful to think about denouncing him. This is why I understand very well those who want to continue to defend the false prophet. For, after devoting themselves for years shedding a “truth” that wasnt’, that hurts. And that becomes disrupting for hundreds of people. Besides, a large number of followers remain in the Movement, even if facts, behaviors and controversial decisions jump in their face. They choose to be quiet.

Nevertheless, the aforementioned “truth” of Rael is no less than a big hoax, a huge lie. For the more indoctrinated (in the lie that propagates Rael), it is I the over proud, the forger, the opponent who does not consent to comply, to subordinate himself to support the error that the members and Rael want to continue to shed in order to continue their fairy tale, their esoteric dream, their commerce of faith. No use discussing. It is only a waste of time. Their pretentious truth does not recognize the errors of believing Rael.

Everyone has the right to be wrong. Why to be against that or the one who makes a mistake? For my part, I went up to the end of my commitment, but but I’m back (while others hang) I’m back after having known and know who is Claude V. Rael. I estimate, since, then have been abused by a cause that has proved false. I wanted the liberation of the human being, it was the voluntary submission of the spirit, the conditioning in the word of a guru.

Whatever our belief, why be afraid of questioning it? Fear that it is false? It is while trying to pull up the fruit of his branch that he looks to strengthen himself. When it becomes ripe, it is by itself that it will leave the branch.

Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr

Translation: Claude Cormier