Testimony of Charles Guillaume

(Still living in Clermont-Ferrand & acquaintance with Claude Vorilhon. E-mail sent to Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr in April 2012)

I was born in Clermont-Ferrand and I am supporting you, for I used to be acquainted with Mr. Vorilhon when we were young, along with the son of a very rich and famous phytotherapist. I can’t remember exactly the name of the pub where we used to meet on Gaillard Square (it was either “Le Commerce” or “L’Union”) but I do remember well that on “hazy” evenings, the conversations of our small group would often be focused on extra-terrestrials.

Just once, Vorilhon suddenly looked thoughtful and stern and said something like “What a brilliant idea!

Later on, I heard through some of his friends, also fans of car-race, that his magazine called “Autopop” had collapsed, but I did not really care, as I was by then married and a father. Last time I heard about him, before he became Rael, was about his new look, hippie style, with something rather freakish about him. Maybe he’d been taking LSD, anyway I did not pay much attention, for he was only a vague and remote pub acquaintance. Yet years later, when his scandalous fraud came out, I remembered that moment of his sudden and pensive remoteness, while everybody else was laughing about little green men. For me it was obvious evidence that he had been cheating!

When I eventually picked up his book, with its schoolboy drawings, while I already had an LCD watch, I found him quite backward technologically speaking, with his needle meters on flying saucers! Moreover, at that time, Gong had already long ago written “Flying Teapot”, which was by far more imaginative…
Please go on with your struggle against that person devoid of any feeling. Warmest regards.

Charles Guillaume, still living in Clermont-Ferrand.
At that time, I was a trainer for deaf and dumb children at Les Gravouses. I can even mention that I used to live on top of the Bar de la Lune, which still exists.

Note: Origial French message has lost since Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr passed away and his homepage not exist anymore, if someone has please send me. Thx.