Testimony of Sage Ali

Dear Friends,

I’ve received a number of calls and emails from people wondering why I am no longer involved in the Raelian Movement. For the most part, I’ve stayed silent while I did my research. It took me many months before I finally decided to write these words. During those months, I spent time doing quite a bit of thinking and observing in addition to some extensive research. I would have greatly appreciated it if someone had shared this information with me years ago, so I feel that it is my responsibility to at least make this available for those who might be open-minded enough to consider my words and do their own research.

Some of you may already know that after serving for many years as a Guide, I formally resigned from the Raelian structure on November 9th, 2009. Then, on November 12th, just three days after my resignation, I was officially banned from all Raelian meetings, events, and seminars for seven years. I was never disrespectful toward anyone, and I have always lived very harmoniously according to the principles that are taught in the Messages, so being banned came as quite a surprise to me!

I could go into more detail about exactly what happened, but I’ll save that for the end in case anyone might still be interested. Personal stories can be important, but I believe that objective factual information should always be the top priority of anyone seeking the truth, especially in cases like this. The bottom line is simple: After 17 years of being very active in the Raelian Movement, I discovered factual information that made me ask questions which no Raelian Bishop or Guide was ever able to answer in a logical manner. The first and most important part of the information was found in the books of Jean Sendy.

Many people have commented that they read some of Sendy’s work and didn’t understand my concerns. I want to make it clear that Sendy was a brilliant writer whose books are not easy to read. I found many points in his writings that felt very familiar to me because I had read the exact same points in Rael’s books for years. I was even more surprised to learn that Jean Sendy gave a public lecture in Clermont-Ferrand (France) in March 1974. Then, later that year, Rael published his first book, The Book Which Tells The Truth.

Rael always taught us to stand for truth, so I am now sharing this information in the light of Truth, Love, and Understanding. I am not accusing anyone of anything, but I am seeking a better understanding. So, if anyone can share a good explanation, I would be very happy! Thus far, the only explanations I have heard from high-ranking Raelians are based purely on belief and not on understanding. This is the opposite of all the teachings of Rael and the Messages. The Raelian teachings have always said that we should never believe or accept anything that doesn’t make sense to us, no matter who says it, even if Rael says it himself. Rael has told us for years that we must always use our own consciousness and think for ourselves as individuals. If we are to truly think for ourselves, we should consider all the facts before coming to any conclusions. So, my intent here is simply to share the following information for those who might be interested.

Here is some food for thought:

Jean Sendy wrote his groundbreaking theories about the Elohim in the 1960’s, years before Rael started writing his books. Sendy wrote a number of books, but these are the ones that were published in English:

  1. Moon: Outpost of the Gods (written by Jean Sendy in 1968)
  2. Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth (written by Jean Sendy in 1969)
  3. The Coming of the Gods (written by Jean Sendy in 1970)

Below are some of the points that Sendy wrote about years before Rael. Keep in mind that the only book Rael wrote in 1974 was The Book Which Tells The Truth. The rest of the “Messages” were published later. So, for the points listed below, any comparisons should be made only with The Book Which Tells The Truth.

Here are some of the points Sendy wrote about in 1968, 1969, and 1970:

  • Elohim is a plural word in ancient Hebrew that means “Those who came from the sky.” – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, page 13
  • The Elohim are human beings like us, and we were “made in Their image.” – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, page 13
  • Yahweh is the leader of the Elohim, and he is a scientist. – The Moon: Outpost of the Gods, page 63, 130
  • Evolution is an incorrect theory. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, page 182
  • About evolution, Sendy writes, “Only a medieval obscurantist is willing to believe that we descend from fish… You might as well believe in magic!” – The Coming of the Gods, page 172 (NOTE: The word “obscurantist” is not very common, but Rael also happens to use it later in his own books… another interesting “coincidence”)
  • Evolution can only produce regression or repetition. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, page 24
  • Evolution cannot produce any new organs. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, page 24
  • We are dust, billions of years old molecules. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, page 28
  • The Elohim began Their work on Earth 23,500 – 25,000 years ago. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, page 48
  • Carbon-14 dating is extremely inaccurate. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, page 48
  • We are one link in a great chain of creation, and in the future we will be as Gods to people on other planets. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, page 75
  • In Sendy’s books, the Creation story in the Book of Genesis is explained in a way that is very similar to Rael’s first book, with specific Bible quotes being explained one after the other. – The Moon: Outpost of the Gods, pages 123 – 149, and Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, pages 77 – 178
  • The “Spirit of Elohim” refers to the Elohim’s spaceship. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, page 83
  • One day in the Book of Genesis is equal to 2,160 Earth years. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, page 87
  • The Garden of Eden was a laboratory. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, pages 95, 127
  • The Elohim were able to re-create various species using genetic material – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, page 110
  • The Elohim are mentioned in many religions throughout human history, and They are extraterrestrial human beings. – The Coming of the Gods, pages 202 – 226
  • The Cabala describes a “correspondence between two worlds, Celestial and Earthly.” – The Coming of the Gods, page 17
  • “The sons of Elohim had children by the daughters of men.” – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, page 133
  • The idea that “Man has become like one of us” in Genesis is explained just like in the Messages.?- Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, page 142
  • The word “eat” in the Bible (Ezekiel and Genesis) refers to “devouring” a book or scroll. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, page 141
  • Adam and Eve were expelled from the Eden laboratory for committing the crime of “eating” books they weren’t supposed to read. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, pages141 – 146
  • The “Serpent” refers to the group led by Lucifer. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, pages 152 – 154, and The Coming of the Gods, page 166
  • Lucifer’s group (the Serpent) was condemned to remain on Earth, and this is what was meant by the word “crawl” in the Bible. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, pages144 – 147, and The Coming of the Gods, page 166
  • The Elohim lost confidence in the people of Earth because of their aggression, so they decided to leave. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, pages 139 – 145
  • Sodom & Gommorah were hit by an atomic explosion from the Elohim. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, page 156
  • Noah took only the “seeds of life” which meant genetic material. He did not take actual animals. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, pages 156 – 157
  • Noah’s Ark was called “Tebah” in Hebrew and it was a space capsule. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, page 158
  • The Tower of Babel was a primitive rocket ship, and it was man’s attempt to travel to the Elohim’s planet. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, pages 167 -168
  • Lot witnessed a nuclear explosion. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, page 172
  • References are made to the importance of the Golden Age. – The Coming of the Gods, page 69
  • On the Elohim’s planet there is no need for money, and unlimited material goods are free for everyone. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, page 122
  • The Elohim have a “fully technological civilization.” – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, page 122
  • Scientific research is the most satisfying activity for Eternals. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, pages 122 ? 123
  • Scientists have no prejudices. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, page 123
  • Eternal scientists have unlimited time to do their work. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, pages 122 – 124
  • Eternal scientists were viewed as “gods” by primitive people. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, page 123
  • Memory can be transferred from the brain of one rat to the brain of another. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, page 44
  • Intelligent scientists choose to live apart from people of mediocre intelligence on the Elohim’s planet. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, page 111
  • “Individuals with excessive genius” will live outside of regular society. – Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth, page 112
  • There is a full chapter about Giordano Bruno in The Coming of the Gods, pages 125 – 131
  • There is a drawing representing the concept of Infinity and an explanation about it – The Coming of the Gods, pages 14 – 15
  • Sendy states that the word “religion” comes from the Latin root “religio” meaning “bond between Earth and Sky.” – The Coming of the Gods, page 202
  • “The message preserved by the Cabala concerns the correspondence between the two worlds, celestial and earthly, and their unification by man…” – The Coming of the Gods, page 17
  • The “Star of David” symbol is pictured in Sendy’s books with Hebrew letters inside. – The Coming of the Gods, page 224
  • The “Star of David” represents the “identity between what is above and what is below” – The Coming of the Gods, pages 222 – 223
  • Sendy writes about the importance of the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius. – The Coming of the Gods, page 67 – 70

There are differences between Sendy’s theories and Rael’s writings, but the fact remains that the similarities are shocking ? and there are actually many more similarities than the ones mentioned above. Those listed here are only meant to offer an initial perspective to people who haven’t yet done their own research. As I said earlier, Jean Sendy’s books are not easy to read because his theories are quite broad, so the reader must have patience and determination to fully understand the scope of Sendy’s work.

Rael’s work has a number of inconsistencies. Most Raelians never notice the inconsistencies because it’s very easy to overlook details and just focus on the overall philosophy. Take another good look, and you will see what has been there all along. It isn’t necessarily easy, but if truth matters then it is important.

Here are just a few examples of such inconsistencies:

Interesting Quotes from Intelligent Design: Message From the Designers

Example # 1

  • “In the first message, you noted that we traveled seven times faster than the speed of light. That was true 25,000 years ago when we landed on Earth.” – Intelligent Design, page 159
  • “Depending on the uses that will be made of it, we will see if we can give humanity all our knowledge and allow you to enter into the intergalactic era with our 25,000 years of scientific progress as your inheritance.” – Intelligent Design, page 107
  • “the Elohim had created the original continent 25,000 years ago, from which fragments later detached to form the continents we now know.” – Intelligent Design, page 235
  • “Some 22,000 years ago, your creators decided to start their work on Earth…” – Intelligent Design, page 81

Which number above is correct? Was it 25,000 or 22,000 years ago? Ask Rael or a guide and see if you get a good answer. Remember, details are important!


Example # 2

– Read page 222 of Intelligent Design. On that page, begin with the first paragraph in the section called “The Guides” – then, slowly and carefully read at least the first 2 paragraphs in that section. Then, read the entire passage. As you read that section carefully, one line at a time, ask yourself this question: Exactly who is speaking? At first it seems like Yahweh is speaking, but then it mentions the Elohim as being “our creators”… but in the next sentence it mentions Claude Rael as “our ambassador” – so, who exactly is speaking?

For those who don’t have the book, here are a few quotes, all from the same section on pages 222 – 223 of Intelligent Design:

“You will follow the Guide of Guides, for he is the ambassador of the Elohim, our creators, ‘our Fathers who art in Heaven’. You will follow all the advice given in this book, because it is the advice of your creators, transmitted by Claude Rael, our ambassador, the last of the prophets…”

“Come and join us to prepare for the coming of our creators.”

“Write to the Guide of Guides, and he will put you in touch with other people who, like you, are Raelians ? that is, people who understand the message transmitted by Claude Rael.”

“Write to the Guide of Guides, to Claude Rael, and he will welcome you and arrange an initiation…”

“If you wish to help me realize the goals set by the Elohim, write to me, Rael…”

It seems like the speaker changes a few times, yet it’s evidently supposed to be the same person speaking throughout the whole section! Rael wrote earlier that on the Planet of Eternals he had put on a helmet which improved his brain and made everything clear, and the Elohim then told him that he would easily recall and write everything down perfectly afterwards so the Messages would have no errors or mistakes in the text. What happened?


Example # 3

– On page 150 of Intelligent Design, Yahweh says to Rael: “To begin with, we must correct a passage in the first message we gave you that you wrongly transcribed concerning an eventual intervention on our part to destroy humanity. It must be made clear that we will not intervene.”

– Now, let’s go back and read what is actually written in the first message:

“Otherwise, if humanity cannot calm its aggressiveness, if peace does not become your only goal, and you allow people to promote war, produce arms, test nuclear weapons, and maintain armies just to seize or retain power, then we will stop such people from becoming a danger to us, and there would be another Sodom and Gomorrah.” – Intelligent Design, page 94

– Then, on page 105, Yahweh goes into more detail:

“But if humanity does not become wise and peaceful, the existence of your nuclear weapons will mean that if the need arises, we will not have much to do in bringing about the destruction of your civilization. Perhaps you might even destroy yourselves.”

“If you do not, however, and if you become a threat to us, we will only have to destroy your stocks of bombs without sending offensive weapons against you. We could do this with either rays, or telepathy, in such a way that, in effect, one of the great powers would become the aggressor, and this would automatically release a final retaliation.”

“… You urgently need to stop nuclear weapons testing because you know nothing of the risks to which you are exposing yourselves. However, if humanity continues to play with nuclear weapons, it will simplify our task if we have to reduce you to silence.” – Intelligent Design, page 105 – 106

The above passages are very specific examples of the Elohim threatening to bring about the destruction of humanity if They feel it is necessary, and Yahweh actually gives specific details of exactly how the destruction could be executed. Do those quotes look like Rael just made a mistake in transcribing what he was told?


Example # 4

– On page 161 of Intelligent Design, Rael said that he met the ancient prophets, and he described a few of them in terms of physical appearance. He described Jesus as “a young, bearded man, very handsome and very slim. He wore a smile and an expression filled with fraternal feeling.” Muhammad was “a man with a noble face sporting a black beard that was very thick and very long.” Buddha was “a more corpulent man with an Asian face. He had a shaven head.”

First of all, it is quite interesting that Rael’s descriptions fit perfectly with most people’s current “pop culture” images of these prophets. I’ll let you do your own research on the true physical appearances of Jesus and Muhammad, but I will share a few thoughts about Buddha:

  1. Why would Buddha be fat (or “corpulent” as Rael wrote) on the Planet of Eternals? Didn’t Rael write that Eternals are re-created in 17 year-old perfect bodies? Would Buddha really have chosen to be re-created overweight for eternity?
  2. Rael’s description sounds exactly like our familiar image of the Chinese “Fat Laughing Buddha” which is very interesting. In truth, the real Buddha was North Indian, and from all accounts he was tall and most likely had a very slim physique.
  3. Did you know that the “Fat Laughing Chinese Buddha” depicted in the statues we’ve all seen is actually a completely different person from the real Buddha? Buddha’s real name was Gautama Siddhartha and he was North Indian. In China, there was a wonderful folkloric monk named Budai. Budai was short and overweight, whereas Siddhartha Gautama (known to the world as Buddha) was tall and most probably slender according to historical accounts. Who did Rael describe?

If you thoroughly read Rael’s books and really pay attention to the many inconsistencies in details, you will probably be surprised to find that there are more such examples than most people ever notice unless they read very carefully and take notes.


Many people have said that Jean Sendy only did a good analysis of the Bible, whereas Rael wrote many philosophical concepts in his books. As shown above, Sendy discussed a variety of subjects that were never mentioned in the Bible. He also touched upon a number of other topics that Rael wrote about years later, including Infinity, Chemical Education, Geniocracy, and Cloning, as well as describing the Elohim’s society as having no need for money because all material goods were free for everyone in a world led by intelligent scientists who chose to live apart from people of mediocre intelligence. Sendy even discussed Giordano Bruno, Voltaire, the intricacies of the Cabala, the uniqueness of the Jews and the Hebrew language, and the inaccuracies of carbon-14 dating!

If you read the early books of Osho (also known as Rajneesh), you will find that in the 1960’s he taught and wrote about many of the philosophical concepts that Rael taught much later, including atheism, sensuality, relationships, meditation, femininity, humor, and a lot more.

Here are just a few of Osho’s words on Femininity written long before Rael:

“In fact, the woman has all the great qualities in her. And whenever a man becomes awakened, he attains to the same qualities which he has been condemning in women. The qualities that are thought to be weak are all the feminine qualities. And it is a strange fact that all the great qualities come into that category. What is left are only the brutal qualities, animal qualities. Love, trust, beauty, sincerity, truthfulness, authenticity ? these are all feminine qualities, and they are far greater than any qualities that man has. But the whole past has been dominated by man and his qualities.”

Another nice Osho link about Femininity:


I was extremely surprised to hear and read Osho’s words because they felt very familiar even though I had never studied him before. Even Osho’s clothing looked familiar in the following interview:


In addition to the Osho videos, I was also surprised by the following video of Jose Silva, creator of a meditation technique in the 1960’s called the Silva Method. In this video, he said that the human brain was simply “a biological computer”


I was even more surprised to learn that former Raelian Bishop Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr was a certified Silva Method meditation teacher before he joined the Raelian Movement in 1976. He was the top Raelian Bishop and was extremely close to Rael for many years ? here is his website:


If you are Raelian, then you have probably been told many terrible things about Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr. I humbly suggest that you follow the teachings of the Messages and do your own research before jumping to any conclusions or judging anyone harshly. Please don’t believe anything I say… simply read my words and consider them fairly, and then do your own research! You might also want to read the book written by Jean-Denis before you pass any judgment. By the way, some people criticize him by saying that he is only out to make money. Trust me, books about Rael are not destined to be bestsellers ? the Movement is much too small for that! The Raelian Movement actually has very few members worldwide even though the numbers have deliberately been hugely exaggerated over the years purely for marketing purposes. I was actually quite shocked when I discovered that fact.

I’ve found that many religious leaders of various faiths warn their followers not to expose themselves to anything except their own teachings. Anything else is viewed as “the ‘devil’ or some evil temptation” trying to lead you astray from the “truth” as they see it. In accordance with the Messages, I often suggested to people that they should always read and expose themselves to everything possible in order to make well-informed decisions. We were told for years that we should expose ourselves to all perspectives before making our choices. So, it really surprised me to hear that many Raelian Guides have been telling members not to talk to certain people or not to view certain websites because they are “negative” and might “pollute their minds” with “garbage.” Isn’t this a contradiction? Doesn’t this go against the Messages and the entire philosophy? It seems that Raelians have usually been taught to be completely open to everything ? when did that change?

A few more thoughts to consider:

  • Rael and many Raelians seem to be offended by anyone who says anything about Rael or the Movement that they don’t like. Yet, Rael aggressively attacks and publicly slanders religious leaders, political leaders, journalists, and others without any hesitation. If he supports freedom of speech and wishes to slander others so freely, why does it bother him when others express their thoughts? And if he teaches a philosophy of genuine “love of differences” then why not put that philosophy into practice and lovingly embrace those who question his story? Universal love should have no enemy… it should only reflect and radiate love.
  • There are no cloned babies. I’m sorry to say that so bluntly, but it is the truth. As the Regional Guide of the Western United States for years, I was exposed to information from many individuals all over the world, both in and outside of the Movement. I cannot elaborate further without disclosing the names of confidential sources whose privacy I deeply respect, so you are free to believe as you wish. Ironically, Rael has said many times that even if the cloning story was a big media hoax (hoax is another word for lie), it is still great because it generated over 500 million dollars worth of free publicity for his Movement. Does truth matter?
  • Some people think that Rael is a part of a global elite group involved in a grand conspiracy of world domination called the New World Order. I don’t think so!

Regardless of anyone’s personal experience, positive or negative, I still believe there is one thing we should all value greatly: The TRUTH. We were taught to always stand for truth, and I think any person of integrity will do exactly that, even when it isn’t easy or comfortable.

If anyone has a more informed or enlightened perspective to share, I would love to explore it as long as it makes sense. If I ever discover any logical reason to change my perspective, I will be quite happy to do so. My philosophy is simple: Whenever we are too certain that we have the truth, we put ourselves in a dangerous position because we close our minds to all other possibilities. For me, that is the opposite of humility, and it is the opposite of intelligence. It is so important to always have a truly open mind!

In the Light of Truth and with Love to All,


August 6, 2010

PS – Sorry, I really didn’t intend to make this so long but I wanted to share my perspective one time and then move on. For those who are still curious about the details of me being banned, here is the story:

On the 3rd of November 2009, we had a big meeting in Los Angeles to finally address the questions that many people were asking about the books of Jean Sendy. In addition to a roomful of Raelians, we had a number of top guides and bishops present on v-com and Skype, so there were at least eight or nine guides and bishops in the meeting if I recall correctly. We were told that three of the guides alone had over 60 years of total combined experience, so they could surely explain everything in a very clear and logical manner, especially regarding Jean Sendy.

Unfortunately, we were never given any logical or reasonable explanation. Most of the guides stayed quiet during the meeting, so only the few “experts” even attempted to explain. The first explanation was that Jean Sendy was just one of many ancient astronaut authors, and his books only support the Messages. I made it clear that I had read every book in English that I could find on the topic over the past 17 years, and all of the ancient astronaut books combined had less in common with the Messages than just one Sendy book, Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth.

Then, we were told that Sendy was actually “the most brilliant” of all the writers, but he was still only a researcher who did a very good analysis of the Bible and that he didn’t say anything else that Rael had written except for his Biblical analysis. I then mentioned that Sendy also touched upon other topics including Infinity, Chemical Education, Cloning, and Geniocracy as well as speaking about the Elohim’s society having no need for money because all material goods were free for everyone in a world led by intelligent scientists who chose to live apart from people of mediocre intelligence. Next, we were told that Jean Sendy was probably contacted telepathically by the Elohim but without his knowledge so he could pave the way for the last prophet. The explanations kept changing!

Of course, this explanation is perhaps remotely possible ? but it is based purely on blind faith and not understanding. For me, this was very difficult because as a guide I wanted to truly understand and not just simply believe. Raelians were always taught to understand and to never believe or accept anything that didn’t make sense, yet suddenly we were expected to simply believe. One of the most prominent level 5’s said that he had never read the Sendy books because he was more of a “feeling guy.” A few other guides and bishops spoke similarly. Suddenly, understanding didn’t matter… we were told that we should just “feel good and be happy for no reason!” I love the idea of being happy for no reason, but the foundation of the Raelian philosophy has always been that we should “stop believing and begin to understand.” What happened to understanding?

A prominent European Raelian friend of mine later gave me another even more fascinating explanation during a phone conversation. He said that the Elohim actually contacted Jean Sendy before Rael because Sendy was their first choice to be their prophet and ambassador, but he turned down the mission. According to this longtime Raelian’s explanation, Rael doesn’t know about this because his father Yahweh didn’t want to destroy his confidence by telling his son that he was their second choice. This Raelian then told me that I should focus more on my sensuality because I was too intellectual and was thinking too much! Once again, I couldn’t believe my ears! I heard so many different explanations from high level Raelians with decades of experience, and they were all based purely on blind faith just like any other religion. Nothing necessarily wrong with that, but it directly contradicts the Messages. I was truly surprised to see how far people would go with their theories just to find a way to avoid questioning their faith!

Two days after the big meeting in Los Angeles, I was contacted by the Raelian Wise Council in a very official manner. I was told that I had been accused of saying “I don’t believe Rael ever met the Elohim.” The email felt very cold and official, like the Internal Affairs Department of a police force ? yet it came from people who I had considered brothers and sisters for years. I let them know that I had never hidden the fact that Sendy’s books had made me question things differently than before, but I had not told anyone that I had come to any final conclusion one way or the other ? I was only seeking understanding.

A huge witch-hunt was soon underway, especially in Los Angeles. The concern wasn’t whether anyone had a better understanding ? they only wanted to know who it was that had been spreading information about the Jean Sendy books. Before long, I heard that in some places it was no longer allowed to even ask questions about these books, which I found fascinating! Raelians were told to make a quick choice: either you are with Rael with absolutely no doubts or you are out of the structure. For me, asking questions was simply a way to get a better understanding, so I was very surprised to see such a stance being taken, especially by an organization that claims freedom, open-mindedness, individuality and love of differences as core values.

Anyway, after speaking with so many top Raelian guides and bishops and hearing no logical answer or explanation, I decided to formally resign from the Raelian structure on November 9th, 2009. I wrote my resignation email to the guides saying that I felt it was inappropriate for me to remain in my position as a guide and official representative until my understanding was clear. I also let them know how much I love and appreciate them all, and that I would continue to attend events and seminars whenever possible with the hope of learning more now that I would no longer have any official guide or Movement responsibilities. I received a number of beautiful and encouraging email replies from my brother and sister guides supporting the integrity of my decision. I still have copies of all these emails and all my Movement correspondence.

On November 12th, just three days after my resignation, I received an email from the Wise Council saying that I was excluded from the structure and officially banned from all Raelian meetings, seminars, and activities for 7 years! WOW!!! The only reason they gave was that I had chosen to resign during a Wise Council inquiry ? yet they had never even told me that such a rule existed in the first place! I tried to let them know that I had resigned in order to be respectful and not misrepresent in any way. I was then told that I could eventually approach the Wise Council and ask to return, but this could happen only after I had finished my research and fully understood with no doubt whatsoever that Rael is truly the Messiah, Last Prophet, and Maitreya.

From my understanding, the Wise Council is supposed to be there only to protect the integrity of the Messages. Yet, the Messages tell us to question everything and never accept anything unless it makes sense to us as individuals. After finding many tangible reasons to ask logical questions, and after only receiving answers that were based purely on faith, I very respectfully resigned from the structure. When a respectful person is banned so suddenly and with so little reason, it suggests to me that something is wrong.

I’ve also wondered for years why Rael publicly cancels the cellular transmissions of certain people. I understand that according to the teachings certain actions can result in a person not being recreated after death, but what purpose can it possibly serve for Rael to publicly announce that someone’s cellular transmission has been canceled? A person’s cellular transmission can easily be canceled without making any public announcement, so what purpose can such an announcement serve other than to instill fear?

At the time of this writing, my cellular transmission is still intact and has not been canceled. So, I wonder if Rael or someone in the Movement will answer my questions in a logical manner and share some understanding to explain the points I raised, or if my transmission will simply be canceled immediately as a result of this letter? As a guide, I welcomed and encouraged all questions without any limits or restrictions, and I considered it my responsibility to help others find a deeper understanding of the Messages. I often told people that no question is ever inappropriate because we are all free and understanding of truth should be the goal for all of us. Plus, anyone who really has the truth should be able to answer any question with clarity and confidence. I only chose to resign from the structure after I discovered new information that made me question my own understanding of what I had previously thought to be the truth.

Since all this took place, many people have contacted me wondering what happened, and I have heard a number of rumors and different versions of my story floating around. So, I finally decided to tell my own story for anyone who would like to better understand what actually happened. At this point, I must honestly say that I have come to a conclusion. I’ve done a huge amount of research, and nearly everything I’ve uncovered has been quite shocking. I even found an old personal friend of Jean Sendy who confirmed to me exactly what Sendy thought and said about Rael before he died of cancer in 1978. Jean Sendy definitely did NOT consider Rael to be a friend. I could say a lot more on this topic and I could also share a vast amount of inside information that isn’t at all flattering, but I think I’ve already offered enough food for thought in the factual information I’ve shared above.

It’s very important to trust your own inner voice above all else. Although I am no longer a part of the Raelian Movement, I am still very close to all of the Raelians who were genuinely close to me before my resignation. Only a few people have distanced themselves, but I still love them all and wish them only love and happiness along their paths of ever-unfolding truth and light. I sincerely love everyone, and I know that life is blossoming for ALL of us exactly as it should, so my connection with the Infinite is deeper than ever. Whoever you are, wherever you are, I hope you’ve found something here to be helpful or enlightening. Most of all, I truly love you and wish you all the best that life has to offer!