Testimony/TV Interview of Roland Chevaleyre

(Roland Chevaleyre claims that he was childhood friend of Rael, but Rael denies)

Dude, you can find the interview videos below on this page.

Roland: “And just that evening we ate together at a restaurant, so we went into deep discussion, and I posed straight up the question, and he answered me, ‘Yes I lied I lied to you (yes what?) I can tell you I lied to you, but you knew it anyway, it’s nothing you didn’t already know,’ it simply happened like that, and what I blame Claude for, I told him so I can talk about it, ‘I blame you for using people to get wealthie,’ because you know very well he confessed me very sincerely that he had never met small green man over there but that he is now what he is because people who believed him helped him to get to that position.”

The article about Rael's lawsuit against Roland Chevaleyre and Rael's defeats.

Roland: “I remember the last time he came to Ambert, well, he had a gorgeous girl, to be honest anyway, well, and me I am not beside neither, well, it’s true that visually speaking she is the girl we can be attached very quickly, but, and the evening Claude told me, well, ‘you go back to your home,’ well, good yes I go back to my home, good, yes, I go back to my home because me I’m divorced I go back to my home I’m alone well, ‘take take my girl friend and later tomorrow we try Ferrari, you will bring her back,’ but it was for pure love for me to have pleasure… and the girl…”

Journalist: He treated (inaudible) his girl friend (inaudible) like he lend his car what?

Roland: “And the girl he was with didn’t even respond to make a move which means I grab her hand and I bring, I think there it is better to leave her inside of Ferrari first, or on the side of the road and go for a Ferrari tour, it was more, because take advantage of someone who mentally listen to her prophet that much, I believe that it wasn’t interested me at all.”

Note: Translated word for word, and the interview videos of these can be found on this site.