Who are the Raelians?

I have traveled all around the world for many years following Raelian activities, and have met many Raelians and witnessed all the Raelian activities. There was time being, let say until 2004, beautiful intelligent nice people hang around and having fun together.
They are ALL GONE now.

Unlikely what IRM (International Raelian Movement) claims, the total members of IRM is less than 2000. This includes the African tribes who never read the Claude Vorilhon’s book but totally believe Claude Vorilhon as the last prophet. They are happy to walk many days day and night to see and touch the last prophet but actually don’t have money to buy a book or complete illiterate.

The number 70,000 that the IRM claims is more likely the people in all countries who registered their name through Internet to get more information or to download Raelian books.

The Raelians who actually believe Claude Vorilhon’s claim (as the last prophet), therefore who pay the “actual” 10% of their income, are more likely 1000 all around the world nowadays. (Japan 300, South Korea 150, Canada less than 100, USA 50, all Latin America 150, all Europe 150 and 100 for all other countries) The IRM is rapidly declining since 2009 after the revelation information flooded in.

Who are the Raelians?

The Docile or The Dumb (50%)
I don’t have many things to say. They neither. They say one of these: “I am happy!”, “I love Elohim!”, “We are one!” or “Still… I love you!”

The Nuts (20%)
They were born with happy genes. They are happy even though they realize they can’t pay the rent this month. They are always smiling no matter what news they hear. These guys are probably the last Raelians supporting Claude Vorilhon Rael.

The Old (50%)
Somehow they came across and read the Claude Vorilhon’s books. They know the word “Internet” or “Google” but that’s their limit.

The Lonely (30%)
They have no social life, no friends, some extremely shy and introvert. They are happy in Raelian movement to hang around with same kind of people.

The Brain (0.5%)
Every country has at least one self-claimed Raelian scientist or the brain. They know everything and explain everything to Raelian members at the seminars or gatherings. These guys have few things in common, they love to be respected (since they aren’t outside) and they are in love with a Raelian girl, the beauty.

The Beauty (0.5%)
There had been real beautiful women both physically and mentally until beginning of 2000. The remains, trust me, I wouldn’t even want to lay my finger on them. The dumbness is contagious.

The Sad (6%)
The people I care the most, they have completely ruined their life after joining the Raelian Movement by donating all their hard earned money or their teenage daughters’ virginity, many of them under 15. They sense something is wrong, but they have fear to look further. I don’t even want to tell them the truth especially those who persuaded their daughters to sleep with the con man.

The Bad (1%)
They absolutely don’t believe Claude Vorilhon Rael (at least since 2009), but there are there for personal purpose. Some poor countries’ guides live off their members, some using Raelian network to sell his products, some high level Raelian guides get paid from IRM, some high level guides using their power to make money and get laid.

The Desperate (5%)
Either they have chronic diseases or fucked up life. Heavenly salvation is their only hope.

The Homo or Bisexual (3%)
Those who are sensitive and delicate and afraid to find a partner outside, their purpose is to find a partner within Raelian Movement; they don’t care who is the prophet or what is the doctrine. If you are the one, stay away from Raelian Movement, I personally witnessed a Raelian with HIV (AIDS) virus. Since IRM is highly welcomes any homo/bisexual to increase the member count, it is quite dangerous place to be for a nice gentle homo or bisexual.

The Bimbo (10%)
They are not beautiful but they have big boobs. They have no specific jobs; they are just after nice or rich Raelian men to live off. They have no permanent mailing address; they are moving and moving around.

The Slut (5%)
They are beautiful… with make-up, but you won’t notice them without make-up. They never call themselves prostitutes; they claim that they are just fine women looking for “Sponsors” in life. Yes, they call a man “Sponsor” or “Client.” They work as a dancer in strip clubs, nude model for painting class, call girl and geisha (don’t imagine the movie “Geisha”, Geisha is a delicate sensitive “prostitute”) any job that they can use their bare bodies. They don’t like read books, or don’t have time, the only book they read (in their lives) is Claude Vorilhon’s book. They like spending money, go shopping, go to a fancy restaurant, buy shoes, hats, famous brand cloths and having fun outside of their home.

The UFO Junkie (4%)
I was quite surprised to hear the reason some people became Raelians. They say, “I saw UFO, really, believe me!” The existence of UFO or ET civilization can prove anything that Claude Vorilhon is the real prophet?

The Model (3%)
They are the intelligent Raelians and models of all Raelians. They are called Raelian “guides.” They are all passed “the Raelian test,” invented by Claude Vorilhon Rael. And they don’t want to take another test whatsoever. (This test had existed until 2 Quebec journalists infiltrated Raelian Seminar early in 2000) They have jobs, very well mingled into societies. See for yourself what they look like and what profession they have.
[See the Raelian guides from the book “Fiers d’etre Raeliens (Proud to be Raelians)” at http://www.rael.free.fr/bbclone/fiers.htm]