After long 11 years

After long 11 years, I decided to quit Raelian movement. I went into extensive investigation of Claude Vorilhon Rael and I found too many coincedences, hard to be ignored. On this site, as many people’s requests, I try to put all the information I found. The judgment is all yours.
One thing I want to make sure. I have nothing against Rael or Raelians personally. I still think Raelians “were” one of the finest people on Earth.
It is just Claude Vorilhon Rael who is the evil being. Raelians are just victims for their docile spirit.

in 2009, Wonjune Lee

Even information stored as 0,1 is deteriorating over time, I’ve made new site and revived all information.

I just want to make sure that I’m a firm believer of Jean Sendy the great researcher who was way ahead of his time. Many of his foresights will come true one day and his works will be recognized. When the contact between Elohim and human being is made Claude Vorilhon Rael will be the first person to flee and disappear. I just hope this would happen in our life time.

Many information here is outdated simply because there is no new information. Many external links are left broken, some people passed away or didn’t maintain their sites, you just have to guess by its title/subject such page existed once.