Who am I? Why am I making this Raelian.com/org site?

This site was pro Raelian site from 1998 to 2008, since 2009 I’m just reaping what I have sown.

To Raelians: You are welcome to analyze me using your own knowledge and experiences and summarize me into few words.

If you have a problem with me then go LOVE yourself – Wonjune Lee

Some devoted Raelians may think that I’m the bad guy for creating this site without saying much about myself. Well, writing about myself wasn’t in my priority and I really have nothing to hide about myself.

I joined Raelian Movement in 1998 in Canada and had been active member until 2009 when the revelation information flooded in.

People around me know that I was a Raelian; I don’t voluntarily reveal, yet if someone asks I don’t deny and I don’t hide. I noticed that they don’t really care for they are busy for their daily concernings.

Because my photo taking habit, there are a lot of my photos in Internet with Raelian emblem on my neck if you search for Raelian related keywords. Finding and deleting them all is an impossible task. 11 years of photo taking became useless unless I spend great time using Photoshop removing all the symbols.

All my life I was working for my own Internet business coding programs day and night; I don’t know how many lines I typed, I can just say it was really huge site, and no one really noticed that the site was managed by one guy. Now I don’t want to touch computer anymore and I won’t fix anyone’s computer. This was my profession until my retirement in 2008.

I make my own Kimchi, yogurt and red wine. Reading a book all the time if there is a chair

Over a decade traveling around the world, I found my dream village with breath taking nature. No one knows where I live for simply I don’t want my village crowded by bunch of tourists.

After departing from the Raelian Movement, well, guess what?
My Todo lists became zero! For the first time!

Life is really absolutely long if you are not so attached to religious salvation or material things.

To fill up this great time, I’m learning piano. Building repertoire is fighting against one’s memory and it’s really time consuming chore, and I really thank for that. Also spending most of time reading books.
This is pretty much about my personal life.

Some Raelians sent me e-mail saying that “Why are you doing that? Please stop it!”
Well, whether we want or not, we reap what we have sown.

Another reason is that I don’t really have many things to do; I don’t have many hobbies. However, updating this site is the last thing I would do in my life. No material thing, or any well theorized religion will ever pleases me. I realized that the family has the greatest value in our life.
Those who traded their family for a religion are the weak and pathetic people.

The Koreans whom I stayed with during my Raelians years know me very well for spending many days together talking and laughing all night.
Since I informed the revelation information in late 2009, more than half of people resigned from Korean Raelian Movement; some region two-third.

In Seoul, the capital city, about 10 Raelians show up for the monthly gathering these days. Of course, many are still remain as Raelians, whatever the reason they have I don’t care I saved my friends and people who are equal or above my level.

The difference between “Raelians” and “ex-Raelians” is that the one who ignore and those who are humble and keep searching and willing to listen to others.

Hallucinated in a sect… WTF

I was guide assistant level 3, serving “most” of Asian countries’ national guides for many years for the mostly translation works. For this reason, my computer has a lot of confidential information stored in it.

For those Raelians who really care about the level, may find that I wasn’t such a level which I don’t care, even though during my Raelian years I wasn’t a “level-up” guy.

In August 2002 at Japanese seminar, I even refused a level bestowed by Claude Vorilhon Rael himself in thinking that I didn’t deserve such a level. Some Korean Raelian guides tried to persuade me to accept the level, but I’m such a stubborn guy finally they respected my decision.

Following years, I wasn’t happy for many of Raelian activities (such as one involves with nudity or purely focused to get media attention), and I decided to spread the “message” my own way, and also decided not to become a Raelian guide.
In 2007 at Japanese seminar, with some Korean Raelians, who think same as I, were devising a method “how not to receive a level.” While exchanging our own idea with others, one Raelian guide, very close to us and still Raelian, overheard us and said “You boys doing very well…” That was happy and fun time…

However, following years, by serving most of Asian guides including national guides, I finally accepted level 3 guide assistant in 2008 at Japanese seminar.

Claude Vorilhon Rael had been making a time bomb, he lectured us at seminars, “Leave your country and learn new language!” Well, I left my country and learned French and I found a lot of information written in French which reveals Claude Vorilhon Rael’s true identity.

During my Raelian years, I never believed such as eternal life or heavenly salvation, but only hoped, to be honest. And this attitude leaded me to see the truth and finally saved myself at the edge.

For this reason, I didn’t donate my 10 percent of my income since I observed where the donated money is being used; but bought a lot of Claude Vorilhon’s hard copy books for diffusion purpose. Well, now I have to visit every library to fetch all the books that I donated, and burn them at a camp fire.

Whoever created us, God or Elohim or even if we are the descendent of fish, I thank to our creator for setting our life span this appropriately that we can appreciate and enjoy every moment of our life. If we die in a warm bed peacefully surrounded by our family members that is the true salvation I think.

Enjoying hot winter on my secret beach

I’m disconnecting from this world (not isolating), it’s been quite a while that I don’t watch TV or connect to any news site, I have no idea what’s going on these days around the world. A furniture delivery guy called me for the first time few years ago to comfort me for the Tsunami in Japan. Suddenly people were considering me as a Japanese. Funny…

I’m trying to live as a visitor or an observer to this world. I found this attitude puts me in the state of tranquility.

I’m happy with my local neighbors who seem don’t care about heavenly salvation or eternal life, but seem very happy on gardening and raising their children. Having coffee and chatting with my neighbors asking their dog’s health is a fun topic to bring.

Instead of supporting a con-man or even a real prophet, if all of us grow little flower in our garden then it absolutely makes this world heaven much faster. Isn’t it?

I found myself and people very greedy by basic human instinct, the only way to suppress this greediness is to disconnect from the world, and be with humble people who are poor but still offer a meal to others.

I have never imagined that one day I would thank to my laziness and procrastination, if I were not, I would have completely ruined my life by changing my name officially to “Raelian Dotcom,” and something more that I don’t even want to imagine.

If you made a right investment, all you have to do is don’t be anxious and stay as lazy as possible letting the time passes its own pace. This is the exact problem that the all current Raelians have. They are on the very wrong track and they are very lazy.

My biggest investment I made is in my own mind. And I’m quite exciting to wait and see what good thing will happen in the future because of my current laziness within harmony and discipline.

Since my procrastination saved my life, and I strongly believe that everything has to be done at the right time, I’m going to be as lazy as possible for I’m a man with no dream…

In 2013 somewhere small town in Latin America…

Well, in 2022, my small town is really crowded with bunch of tourists from all around the world.

I miss having a coffee alone reading a book in parque kiosque.

If you live in a nice warm place invite me. 🙂

Want to know more about me? Then visit my personal blog: https://kbaeksu.com