Clarification from Rael about book of Jean Sendy

Clarification from Rael about slander related to the book of Jean Sendy
November 12, 2009.

All those who are spreading slanders against me, saying that I plagiarized Jean Sendy’s books have taken unacceptable actions and I will legally pursue them. If they are structure members, they will be excluded right away and will no longer be welcome at seminars or local meetings.

Some writers may have had similar theories long before I met the Elohim, but these were just theories. Jean Sendy is not the only one, there is also Robert Charroux, Erich von Daniken, Le Poer Trench and many more. The difference between them and I is that the messages are not the fruit of fiction writing nor the fruit of imagination, but were given to me by the Elohim themselves. That some writers may have had similar theories doesn’t change anything. They really just had an intelligent read of the bible and other ancient texts that already contained the truth. But they never were contacted nor did they receive any messages! Their fiction writing doesn’t contain any spirituality, meditation teaching, nor philosophical keys to our future. There are so many things that the books of those writers don’t hold that you can find in the messages.

It is important that the Raelians who have been shaken by these divagations1 of inside enemies get their head back together and focus on our mission. To those I will only have compassion and will be ready to forgive them so that they take their place back and publicly apologize. The others will be first excluded for 7 years and will not be welcome at meetings and seminars. Also, if they don’t acknowledge their mistakes and publicly apologize, they will have their TCP canceled.

It is time for everyone to remember what is written in the messages: “I recognize the Elohim as the creators and Rael as their messenger”. It is time to remember this commitment taken while accepting a responsibility and to read it again. No structure member can be lukewarm. As I have done before, I am ready to exclude half the members of the structure so that only those who are devoted to the Elohim, those who are not busy spending precious time reading and spreading dumb statements, stay in my team. Let’s have no tolerance for those who infiltrate amongst us by being accepted within the structure to then spread slanders and lies. Let’s even refuse to listen to them or even talk with them. It is an unacceptable loss of time, as they have one goal only: to take you away from the Truth.

(Maitreya Rael, November 12, 64AH)