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I don’t really need money. I made a fortune by selling my website back in 2008. However it is difficult maintain this site without any feedback. I’m sure that this site saved millions of dollars from innocent people donating their hard earned money to a con-man since 2009.

Just sending me e-mail with how my site saved your life or helped in anyway makes me happy and my day! You can send me an e-mail or donate a donut or some food below.

I’m living in Latin America where not even Chinese people can be seen, means, there is no Korean food such as Kimbap, Tteokbokki, Ramen, Sushi, Korean BBQ Chicken and dryed smoked squid that I really like.

If you send me Shin ramen by DHL, I really appreciate. This Latin people just fry everything.

You can send me any food in below dropdown menu. I appreciate your mental support.

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Thanks Ben.

Anyone knows how to fetch money from Paypal? I’d like to buy a real donut & coffee. 😛